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AMES 2024

Vienna - September


The purpose of the VIKTOR FRANKL Awards organized by AMES is to honor men and women around the world who throughout their lives have demonstrated a permanent commitment to the dissemination, application and developments of existential analysis and logotherapy.

This award will be held every two years. On this first occasion it will take place in September 2024 in the city of Vienna (Austria).

You're welcome!

Meet those who will receive the award

What awaits you...

Mujer joven frente a la Ópera Estatal de Viena, Austria

September 10

  • 15:30 - 18:30 Sightseeing tour of the city of Vienna, walking and by bus


September 11 (During the day)

Advanced Professional Training - 9:00 - 16:00

Logotherapy research panel

  • Cynthia Wimberly, PhD, President of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in the USA.

  • Aureliano Pacciolla, Professor at the Italian School of Psychotherapy.

  • Doreen M. Francis-Hofstetter. PhD, Founder and Director of the Logotherapy Institute of the United Kingdom and Canada.

Logotherapy practice panel

  • Jared Bishop, PhD, Vice Resident of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in the USA.

  • Tatyana A. Popova, PhD, Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Psychotherapy, Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education.

  • Jay Levinson, PhD, practicing Speech Therapist in the Baltimore, Maryland area (USA:) He served as a graduate assistant to Dr. Frankl and remains a close friend of the Frankl family.

Community outreach, education and social projects panel

  • Thiago Antonio Avellar de Aquino.Ph.D. Postgraduate Professor and Researcher at the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil.

  • Svetlana Shtukareva, Director of the Graduate School of Logotherapy, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, Russia.

  • José Arturo Luna, PhD, Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Existential Analysis and Logotherapy of Colombia.

The training will be certified by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna, the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy of the USA, the Institute of Logotherapy of Russia and AMES.


September 11 (During the evening)

AMES Award Ceremony - 18:00  

Gala Dinner on the ship during the Danube voyage -19:00

This event will allow us to see that beautiful blue Danube, look at the wonderful surroundings, listen to amazing music and enjoy dinner in honor of our international meeting.

Turista en Viena
Turista en Viena

September 12

Sightseeing tour

  • 10:00 a 13:00

  • Visit to Viktor Frankl Zentrum Wein

  • Walking tour along the route “Frankl Park, Polyclinic, University.

Los excursionistas en paisaje montañoso

September 13

Unique trip to Rax Mountain


  • Viktor's Path,  a unique journey to the “home” mountain Rax will take place. We will walk Frankl's path and experience what the founder of logotherapy described as the way of discovering meaning.

  • The beautiful plateau of Ottohaus we will have a training on “The Difference between Heaven and Hell” and combine it with a picnic, living the famous biblical parable in a special way! Then we will enjoy the beautiful views, feel an amazing unity with nature, and with each other.


September 14

During the day


  • Visit to the Central Cemetery where Viktor Frankl rests. 

During the evening

  • A magnificent concert of Viennese music in the Kursalon Palace, where we will have an unforgettable experience and drink a glass of sparkling wine, and our beautiful contestants will be able to show off their beautiful outfits

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program aimed at improving it.

Pista de hielo en el Ayuntamiento de Viena, Viena/Austria

Program price

Option 1: Full program.

All personal expenses and meals, except for those stated in the program, are paid by the participants themselves. 550 Euros.

Option 2: Programa de septiembre 11

Professional training program and Award ceremony  and Cruise dinner. . All personal expenses and meals, except for those stated in the program, are paid by the participants themselves.  300 EUROS 

Option 3: Cultural program

Flights are paid separately. All personal expenses and meals, except for those stated in the program, are paid by the participants themselves.  300 EUROS


Accommodation is paid separately. We offer accommodation in a 4* Vienna EXE hotel at special preferential rates: 

88 euros per person per day for twin occupancy with breakfast
171 euros per person per day for single occupancy with breakfast
77 euros per person per day for triple occupancy with breakfast

hotel exe.png

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